Preserve Your Educational Content. Create a path for future customers, members, and partners to find their way directly to you. Your content remains accessible and relevant long into the future.

Capture: Capturing your educational content allows you to record audio, video and slide presentations.

* Preserve nuances of your educational event that would not be possible with printed content or abstracts alone.

* Leverage integrated content capture hardware & staff at your event to record audio, video, or slide presentations.

Archive: Archiving your educational content offers association membership and non-dues revenue opportunities for your association.

* Directly transfer your captured video and multimedia presentations to CD-ROM and DVD-ROM for reuse and additional non-dues revenue opportunities for your association. For more information on our CD-ROM and DVD-ROM multimedia presentations, click here.

* Retain a return on your members' most valuable contributions.

* Create visibility for your association and drive membership as a result.

Share: Sharing your education content offers the opportunity to deliver content to members who could not attend in-person.

* Simultaneously deliver captured content to members who cannot be there in-person, creating virtual meeting attendance options.

* Allow your archived content to reach your members electronically, with drastically reduced print and distribution costs.

* Participate in a much wider channel where there is an avid audience for content that your association produces.

To begin capturing, archiving and sharing your educational content today, please submit our Contact Us form!